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Who are we looking for?


You have diverse project experience leading teams using Design Thinking approaches through strategic research, concept ideation, prototyping and development across the complete customer perspective.  You are able to compellingly communicate the story of design solutions. You know how digital can support customer experience and you have a track record of delivering great services across all channels.  

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You can generate new design opportunities by applying Lean thinking creatively about financial impacts, risks, experiments and data. You look at problems and opportunities in the wider system;  the business model, channel strategy, marketing, supply chain, and many, many other areas that may affect an outcome.  You are proficient with numbers as well as decomposing a business constraint and measuring processes.     

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Transformation Leads

You are a senior leader who leverages Lean and Design to transform service companies. Having guided and delivered a portfolio of high profile strategic programs, you have been responsible for multiple initiatives and you can point to many that are in the market.
You can work hands on with practitioners and explain to all stakeholders throughout an organisation a proposal with an earned authority.  

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Service & Interaction

You are a passionate, experienced and talented Service Designer or Interaction Designer with skills in designing and building compelling, multi-channel experiences that are truly meaningful to customers. You have a deep understanding of where digital can support customer experience.

You have a highly developed understanding of design processes and methodologies, can identify and evangelise best practice and push new boundaries. With strong interpersonal skills, you have an ability to create a design vision, and inspire teams through collaboration. You lean on your excellent creative skills for generating, prototyping and building ideas. Working in cross-functional teams, you will be leading the design component of projects with a core focus on digital experience for sales and service.

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You are a senior leader who has leveraged design to transform service companies. Having guided and delivered a portfolio of high profile strategic programs, you have been responsible for multiple initiatives and you can point to many that are in the market.

You know how to: creatively design and deliver programs, develop relationships across the business, influence at an executive level. Much of what you've delivered is in market so you have real experience of bringing something new to market whilst maintaining it’s customer integrity and design intent. When required, you don’t mind ‘rolling up your sleeves’ and designing with your teams. You will be accountable for the delivery of multiple initiatives within a program.

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Example Projects

Embedding Design & Lean across the Organisation

Alongside projects, everyone on the team contributes to transformation activities. Our dedicated ‘Ecosystem’ team drive change in our roles, rules, tools and infrastructure to embed lean and design capabilities. The Site is a digital home for inspirational content, our DIY toolkits, links to events & communities and our blog.

Example Projects

Designing the Financial Advice Experience

When asked to look at the end-to-end financial planning customer experience, one of the simplest solutions was an award winning paper conversation tool. ‘Your World’ has dramatically changed the client adviser relationship by focusing the conversation on human needs, the true motivators at the heart of any financial goal. Leaving the translation from needs to financial outcomes to the adviser.

Example Projects

Defining our Employee Value Proposition

We collaborated with HR and other colleagues to examine and define our employee value experience. The insights fuelled a spectrum of initiatives from work life balance service ‘Home for Dinner’ a service which provides fresh and healthy chopped ingredients ready to be cooked, to the ‘Employee Experience Tookit’ empowering staff to brainstorm their own initiatives. 

Example Projects

Helping everyday people get their wealth in order

We have been involved in many projects which strive to simplify the complex world of wealth and make it more accessible. Not only have we tackled this through digital channels, but also by designing closely with and for our front line staff across our branch and call centre network. Our ‘scalable advice’ service for example delivers free phone based financial advice to branches and customers directly.

Example Projects

Developing tools to better understand our customers and business

We constantly question and evolve how we work. After working with our Home Ownership teams, we decided to bring together our qualitative and quantitative data to depict a holistic picture of our customer experience and business metrics. The final outcome is a visual wall that tracks our view of our current state, key focus areas and future initiatives. 

Example Projects

Redesigning our Next Generation Technology Platform

BT Panorama is our next generation wealth platform servicing direct customers and our financial planning community. We worked with the organisation on the vision and business case to gain the initial funding and have since worked on clarifying the design of the new platform.

Example Projects

The Future of Home Ownership

Our team has been identifying key needs throughout the home buying and home owning process to improve the experience. As part of this initiative we are aligning with various improvement and innovation efforts across the business to ensure a holitic and considered approach.

Example Projects

Bush Owner Builder, Jawun Secondment

Westpac is involved in many notable social corporate reponsibility initiatives: Jawun forms partnerships to benefit corporate, government and Indigenous Australia to improve the lives of indigenous people across Australia. Some of our team have taken part as secondees. Most recenly, working at an NGO in Cape York assisting with the strategy around a self build home project, part of the Cape York Group's welfare reform program.  

Who you’ll be working with


Lead interaction designer passionate about creating futures we've only imagined of. Ex design educator & co-founder, Tammy has dabbled in synthetic biology (as you do).        


Leads the Design and Lean teams, Brett is a six sigma black belt with a strong appreciation  for design. Before joining the organisation, Brett was lean six sigma Director at Merck & Co Inc.


Valerie is a Lean Six σ BB problem solver with experience managing strategic initiatives and strategy development. She is passionate in delivering great customer experiences and business results.


Ellie is a Service Designer with a flair for communication design. Interested in how design can solve complex problems, she previously worked as an information designer at Second Road.


I collaborate with clients to craft a vision or strategy, understand the people they wish to engage, and design an experience- both physical and digital that inspires brand belief.

Another Brilliant

Service Designer with a passion for prototyping. You've worked somewhere we respect. You're interested in social innovation and appreciate there's a social innovation secondment available.


Director of our Ecosystem Team, Fran (aka ‘Queen of CCD’) is charged with our transformation activities. Previously Fran was a Partner at IDEO where she built their Service Design practice.


Six sigma black belt Christian designs and improves lean processes (impressing designers with maths). Previously Christian was the Customer Experience Project Director at Optus.


Stream Lead, Romy has a background in Marketing and Brand with a focus on the customer experience. Previous experience includes BT Financial Group, Telstra and Rabobank.       


Project Lead and Service Designer Anette is passionate about making the complex simple and using design to make a difference. Before coming to Australia she worked for Tieto in Norway.


Experienced process design & improvement black belt, Richard can be found near a wall with brown paper and post its. Previous experience includes KPMG, London Underground & Motorola.


With an extensive background in project and change management, Emma is our Portfolio & Support Manager, our rock and glue. She sets our team and our projects up for success.   


Michelle is responsible for building Design & Lean capapbility throughout the organisation. She has experience leading digital teams in a number of roles including CTO at totaljobs.com.


Andrew is a Lean Six σ BB with 20 years' experience in Financial Services. Based in South Australia, Andrew is one of our business experts.

de Tourettes

Lean Six σ BB,  MBA with  financial services experience in Australia and NZ. Passionate about solving complex problems to improve the lives of customers and staff.  


Lean Six Sigma black belt with experience in project & change management, Mirella previously worked in pharmaceuticals. She is passionate about collaborating on complex problems. 


Every team has a mascot. We have Ram. He's a glittery member of our cast of characters that joins the best performing team each week. How long will it take for Ram to join your project?


Lean member Sonja is a rare breed with a both Lean & Design expertise. An architect by trade, she has varied experience working in finance, telcos and on some of the buildings in the city.


Design strategist with 9 years of experience in the UK, including Livework and GOV.UK. Excited about helping people & businesses have meaningful experiences with money. 


How we work

Alongside Strategic Projects and R&D efforts, we also help the organisation transform. Our goal is to help the company become more innovative both in what we do and how we do things. Everyone contributes to transformation activities, but we have a dedicated Ecosystem team driving the change in roles, rules, tools and infrastructure to embed design and lean, both bottom-up and top-down.

Design & Lean Together

We are a unique mix of Design and Lean practitioners. Lean defines the best processes to deliver the ideal experience, which the Design team is responsible for creating. We have found this to be particularly powerful in our multi-channel service company. We apply our skills separately or together depending on the problem we are solving.

Creative Collaboration

We integrate with the part of the business we are working with at any given time. We structure ourselves in cross-functional teams to best deliver holistic solutions that are first and foremost desirable for the end user, as well as financially viable and feasible to build and sustain.

& Learn

Test & learn is a key aspect of our approach (Think Lean Startup). We are evolving methods to iteratively test and prototype on an increasingly large scale, working with the organisation to best support this approach to launch new experiences to market.

Watch our team, previously housed under BT Financial Group, on the ABC News

Working at the Westpac Group

Our Culture

Working in a large organization brings with it a very particular culture and even more so working within a bank. It means as a team we have to be great at building relationships across many departments and businesses within the group whilst maintaining what makes us special. At a group level the company has strong values which it acts upon in very tangible ways. At a team level, we have our own culture where we work hard but smart, we’re supportive not competitive and we care about designing the right customer experience and designing the customer experience right. We have fantastic support at all levels within the organization and there is a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement for what we do. We’re trusted to be the experts.

Easily spotted wearing jeans, we do some serious work but strive to keep the casual and positive atmosphere which we believe is so conducive to our creativity. We work as integrated teams within the businesses we work with, so are often spread around the buildings in Sydney. This year alone Westpac was rated the most sustainable company in the world at Davos, gifted a $100 million education fund, one of the largest philanthropic donations in Australian history. The group continually ranks well as an employer supporting diversity, women in leadership and flexible working. For a large corporation, it has a heart.

Living in Sydney


We can't lie, it's a pretty good life here. The city is beautiful. It's comfortably warm and sunny most of the year. People are friendly and down to earth, valuing a healthy work / life balance. (For those of us who have moved here from colder climates, we’ve never been so fit.) Many of us live near the beach, some right in the city next to all the bars, cafes and shops. There’s a lot of diversity between suburbs. Sydney is large enough to offer diversity, but not so big that it’s overwhelming. Each one of our expats have applied for permanent residency sponsored through the organisation, they like it that much. For those moving from other countries, Westpac offers an option to take unpaid leave on top of your holiday should you need some extra time to visit family or show them round Australia.

Living by the beach and swimming in public salt water pools  >
Shirt Bar for an after work drink (the ‘Tammarama’ cocktail is named after one of our own) 
Hoping to meet Cate Blanchet pre-theatre at the Bar at the end of the Wharf  
Grilling up feasts at public barbeques in Sydney's many green parks
Surry Hills for some trendy shops and boutiques
Broadsheet for a what's what in the city
The array of weird and wonderful flora and fauna
The weather
Foodie heaven. Chinatown markets on a Friday. Breakfast anywhere.
Catching the ferry to work
Sydney events, from yearly noodle markets to dining on Bondi Beach dressed in white, there's always something on
Newtown for street art, alternative residents and cheap eats from around the world
Coastal walks 
Vivid, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas and Sydney Festival for the musos

Next Steps


1. Initial selection
We review all candidate's CV's and portfolios personally. We will contact you if you are selected for interview. Global candidates accepted, visa sponsorship is an option for non residents.

2. Interview Process
Expect at least two or three conversations to get to know one another and better understand if there is a mutual fit.

3. Meet the team
For those living elsewhere we will arrange flights and accomodation, by this stage we should be almost certain that we want to offer you a position. If you are considering a move, give yourself time over the weekend to experience the city.

Find out more

We understand that making an application can be a big step, so we recently held a Google Hangout webcast to answer your questions. If you missed the live session, or wanted to remain anonymous you can now follow the link below to watch the recording.

Don't be shy. If there is anything else you’d like to ask us, please email ccdlean@gmail.com.



If you would like to apply, please email us your cover letter, CV and a portfolio / examples of work.

Please send your application to: